We are always looking at ways to improve the service that we provide and have recently introduced a new incident management service that will deliver significant improvements for the handling of motor vehicle repairs. This service is being complimented by the addition of free “Key Repatriation” and access to our innovative iPhone application.

Walmsleys Incident Helpline

It’s an unfortunate statistic that one in four drivers will be involved in some form of road traffic incident every year. We hope you never feature within these statistics however it’s good to know that if you are unfortunate, we will be there to support you regardless of where you are or the circumstances. All you have to do is call our incident hotline (0330 660 0051) which is manned 24/7 and they will do the rest.

Key Repatriation

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to lose your keys you will be fully aware of the cost and inconvenience associated with sourcing replacements. This can often run into hundreds of pounds, particularly with high security vehicle systems requiring coded keys sourced from the vehicle manufacturer. If your house or office keys are included on your key ring the sums involved can be huge. We provide free key repatriation. Simply attach the hard wearing tags that we will be mailing to you to your keys, and should the unthinkable happen there is a very strong possibility that your keys will be found and returned to you via a secure postal arrangement. Often finders simply call the number on the tag and our key location staff will coordinate repatriation without the need to post, thereby saving time.

key-with-barcode-key-chainWe have registered the service on your behalf so please attach the tags to whichever keys you wish to protect.

  • Ensure you are safe
  • If appropriate notify insurer
  • Arrange recovery (if required)
  • Get you home or back to base (if required)
  • Assess liability and protect your interests
  • Manage recovery from third party if not your fault
  • Estimate repair (within 48hrs)
  • Arrange engineer inspection
  • Manage authority process for repair
  • Keep you informed along the way

Walmsleys iPhone/Android App:

wcib-incident-app-logoOur incident hotline number is printed on your key tag for easy reference, however as a further customer service we have developed an Mobile phone application that can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play free of charge. Please download now and familiarise yourself with the functionality. It will really prove invaluable should you be involved in an incident!

The app provides a logical step-by-step guide should you or your driver be involved in an incident. Collected data, including photographs and GPS location information, is saved to a file which is automatically emailed to our incident support team. This information can be essential to our incident team in defending any claim that a third party may bring against you.

Alternatively a direct phone link is included on the app to the incident support hotline and is only a tap away. To download the app, simply go to the app store and search for “Walmsleys Helpline” on your iPhone.