Brokerbility is an exclusive group of like minded, high quality independent brokers. The brokers within the organisation were selected for their reputation in the insurance marketplace and as a result are all well established, highly ethical, well managed and forward thinking businesses in their own right.

Brokerbility acquired its first broker in January 2006 and since then has developed and strengthened its organisational profile both structurally and financially. Today Brokerbility controls over £500m in premiums.

The success of Brokerbility is based on its ability to provide the brokers within the group the necessary support to deliver to its client base “first class insurance products, supported by bespoke customer service solutions” This philosophy has been fundamental to its financial growth and continued business expansion since inception of the company.

Brokerbility MD Ian Stutz states,

“Our model ensures that the brokers within the group combine the best elements of being a genuine independent broker with the influence of a major network of brokers by way of the combined premium income that each broker controls. This allows us to punch well above our weight and to get the ear of our insurer partners at the highest level including access to legal, claims, underwriting key decision makers and even board members of these large companies”.