What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers a full fleet of vehicles used predominantly for business purposes. Fleet insurance allows you to have one, comprehensive policy in place for your fleet rather than taking out costly, individual cover on each vehicle.

The extent to which your fleet vehicles are covered depends on the insurer. Our insurance firm offers a range of fleet insurance policies that offer EU cover, personal belonging protection and fleet breakdown cover. We can even provide fleet insurance for specific fleet vehicle types, such as:

  • HGV, Lorry and Truck Fleet Insurance
  • Grey Fleet Insurance
  • Mini Fleet Insurance
  • Coach and Bus Fleet Insurance
  • Taxi Fleet Insurance


What does fleet insurance cover?

Fleet insurance varies depending on the level of cover you choose. The priorities of someone managing a fleet of couriers delivering valuable goods may mean that they opt for a higher, more secure level of cover than a company running a small business fleet.

The levels of cover are as follows:

  • Class 1 Business Use:
  • Class 1 cover allows vehicles to be used for business purposes and enables them to travel to more than one permanent place of work, such as an area manager traveling to different business branches.

  • Class 2 Business Use:
  • Class 2 cover allows you to use your fleet vehicles to travel to more than one permanent place of work, like Class 1, but fleet vehicles can also be used in this manner by other named drivers on the policy.

  • Class 3 Business Use:
  • This is the most extensive type of cover, allowing fleet vehicles to travel under commercial intent, including to collect money.

How much does fleet insurance cost?

Our fleet insurance is affordable and cost-effective, allowing you to cover a large range of fleet vehicles under one simple policy. Our dedicated team offers their full attention and expertise to customers looking for great fleet insurance.

Simply speak with our team, let us know how many vehicles are in your fleet, what types of vehicles they are and what you are using them for, then let us do the rest!

We can save you up to 25% on your insurance – so don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out what comprehensive fleet insurance would cost for you.

Fleet Insurance with Walmsleys

At Walmsleys, we have a dedicated team of motor fleet insurance experts working to create bespoke, comprehensive fleet insurance policies for fleets of all sizes and uses.

We partner with a panel of great insurers to offer cost-effective, simple insurance policies to businesses relying on a fleet for day-to-day operations.

By choosing to create a fleet policy with Walmsleys, you can benefit from:

  • Dedicated, professional support and assistance from our in-house, fleet policy and claims team
  • Competitively priced fleet insurance policies from the UK’s best insurers
  • Saving up to 25% on your bespoke fleet cover when compared with individual insurance packages
  • Dealing with one single policy with no fuss or hassle, managed by an expert team through one easy payment

  • FAQs about fleet insurance

    We understand that every business operates a different type of fleet and therefore, requires different levels of fleet insurance. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below, get in touch for more information.

    How many vehicles do I need to get fleet insurance?

    You only need 2 vehicles in a fleet to qualify for fleet insurance. We offer bespoke Mini Fleet Insurance which typically covers those looking to insure a fleet of between 2 and 5 vehicles.

    Is fleet insurance cheaper than individual vehicle insurance?

    Yes, fleet insurance from our providers is typically much cheaper than insuring your vehicles individually. With our comprehensive fleet policy, you can save costs by covering your fleet as a whole.
    This means that you only have to manage one policy under one payment, making the whole process far simpler and much more cost-effective.

    Who can drive on a fleet insurance policy?

    If you have Class 2 cover or above, you will have the opportunity to name other drivers on your policy. Most of our policies are offered on an ‘Any Authorised Driver’ basis, meaning that anyone can drive the vehicles in your fleet with company director permission.
    You may be able to get discounted rates for fleet insurance if you choose a more restrictive policy – this may include restricting Young Drivers under 30 or under 25.

    Can I get fleet insurance for HGVs?

    Yes, we offer fleet insurance for most vehicle types. If you have a fleet predominantly made up of HGVs, we can offer HGV fleet insurance that tailors your policy to suit larger vehicles and their common uses.
    Let us know what types of vehicle you use in your business and our team will help to match you with the most suitable policy.

    Can I get fleet insurance for taxis and minibuses?

    Yes, we can provide specific fleet insurance for taxis and minibuses. Let our team know that you have a fleet of taxis you want to insure and we’ll find you our best quote.